Moderation Guidelines

* This guide is meant to be continually improved. Please provide feedback here.


The moderators goal is to improve the quality of discussion on LSC by advising members on how to improve substandard posts and eliminate unacceptable posts such as spam.

Messages referred to the moderation queue should be accepted or denied in 48 hours.

Standard Operating Procedure

On finding a post that violates the posting guidelines either in the moderation queue or posted publicly:

  1. Reply to message (privately if in the moderation queue.) The reply should:
    • thank the person for posting;
    • state the rule;
    • explain the rationale behind the rule;
    • provide a link to the guidelines;
    • (optional) include any tips to make the post acceptable for posting.

At the moderator's discretion and if the thread bypassed the moderation queue, additional steps can be taken:

  1. Delete the message and other messages in the thread;
  2. Lock the thread to avoid additional responses;
  3. Ban the user if a repeat offender.


Users may be permanently banned at the discretion of the moderator.

This should be avoided, but reasons include:

  • Soliciting jobs or job opportunities;
  • Repeatedly violating the guidelines and being unresponsive to feedback;
  • Users which are clearly not real people but are instead shared business accounts.