Posting Guidelines

* This guide is meant to be continually improved. Please provide feedback here.

The discussion group is a place for members to provide value to each other. We love to learn from real life examples.

Before you post, please ask yourself:

"What will the reader learn?"

If there is nothing to learn, please do not post.

The Rules

Job postings are an immediate ban, others violations are at the discretion of the moderator.

Good Bad Rule
Will this MVP help me validate my hypothesis? Sign up for my MVP. No solicitations.
Do not promote your blog, product, or survey.
Will this survey help me learn about my customers? Take my survey.
I read this lean startup book / blog and was confused.
Can someone explain?
Read my blog.
I have a question about lean startups... I have a legal question about random stuff... Do not ask general questions unrelated to lean startups.
I agree because... +1! Do not post one line messages with no content.
I respectfully disagree because... You suck. Do not take offense at honest feedback. Do not insult other members directly or indirectly, even if you feel justified.
If you have a problem, be a better person and resolve your issues offline.
There is a lean startup event going on that will be available for viewing online... Reminder, Come to my event. Do not post events unless they are directly related to Lean Startups and are available for viewing online. Only post once.
I am looking for a co-founder or consultant. Do not post jobs. This will result in an immediate ban. Post jobs on the Lean Startup Jobs Group

Getting Feedback

If you would like good feedback, please explain your thought process:

  • Hypothesis - What are you trying to learn?
  • Metric - How will you measure your results?
  • Experiment - What do you need to build in order to learn?

Giving Feedback

Questions are often great feedback. If the poster is being vague, ask them to clarify.

Try to explain fully. Don't just point to a tool or other resource.

Please be clear and patient. The group is world wide so English is not the first language of some members.


Moderators try and apply the moderation guidelines intelligently.

  • Please be patient, is it 4 am in San Francisco?
    Moderators need sleep as well. Maybe someone hasn't read it yet.
  • If you still haven't seen your post or received a message from a moderator in 48 hours, please feel free to ask.
  • If you received a rejection and disagree, please remember that as humans we have to make judgement calls on the value of a post.
    Ask how to improve it so it brings value to the community!
    Do not argue on the interpretation of the guidelines. Your legal skills will not avail you.